• Final timings for statue unveiling

    The statue of Emmeline Pankhurst will be unveiled this coming Friday, 14th December. The event takes place in St Peter’s Square, Manchester. Pre-unveiling activity starts at 11.15 a.m. with the ceremony getting underway at midday. The ceremony finishes at around 12.45 p.m. when the statue will be unveiled. The programme for the unveiling is here: […]

  • Timings announced for statue unveiling

    The unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst Statue The unveiling of the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst, ‘Rise Up Women’ by Hazel Reeves will take place in St Peter’s Square, Manchester on Friday. 14th December 2018. This highly significant moment takes place after a campaign lasting almost five years for a statue of a woman of significance to Manchester. […]

  • The Emmeline Pankhurst statue ‘bronze pour’

    Bronze Pour in London A highly significant moment for the Emmeline Pankhurst Statue took place in London on Thursday, 25th October 2018. The bronze pour for the statue happened at Bronze Age, the East End foundry. This film was shot by Huckleberry Films:

  • Excitement builds for statue unveiling

    Excitement is building for the unveiling of the Emmeline Pankhurst Statue in St Peter’s Square, Manchester. This takes place at lunch time on Friday, 14th December. This date is highly significant. On this day in 1918, exactly one hundred years ago, some women voted for the first time in a British General Election. Join the […]